The most salient feature of this device is its ability to attract destructive, malevolent forces away from one's self and store this malevolent energy into the iron core of this device acting as a sink for that energy which seems to like it there. The analog in electronics would be: a heat sink, or a capacitive sink, etc. The historical analog would be sending the ill conceived intentions surrounding oneself into a trash bin of sorts - excorcism. Light-workers tend to attract to themselves malevolent forces and need all the purification they can get their hands on to cleanse themselves in a modern shamanistic manner, ie. one that works by the standards and instrumentation of today.

A secondary consideration, after considering the above most salient beneficial feature of this device, is its ability - via the quartz oscillating crystal - to attune the self to the self: a form of self-referencing. All too often we get caught up in life and forget: who we are and what we're doing while we're here; in other words, what are we here on this Earth for? That's not an easy question to sometimes ask much less answer. Distractions are many, and we have only our self to both ask and give the answer. No one has the responsibility, on our behalf, to ask or answer this question more so than our self. So, if a highly organized life form of a crystalline nature so happens to be common to this Earth, namely: quartz (sand), and can also impart a greater awareness, or attunement, of what it means to be one's self while living in this physical body, then so be it. Far be it from me to expect that anyone and everyone will have the same appreciation as I have for this device.

Another salient feature of this device is the fact that our bioenergy is a part of ourself - an extension of our life force. When we send this force of our life out into the world, the world makes an impression on our extension before returning back to ourself.

Bhagavad Gita, ch.6, v.29

So, it matters: 1) what we send out into the world, and 2) what the world returns to us. But rather than cloister ourself within a domain of aluminum (as if to protect ourself from electromagnetic pollution), this device - and whatever energy passes through it - is protected by surrounding it with aluminum foil. Thus, the energy of the Earth and the energy of our body passing back and forth through this device will gain the signature of having been surrounded by an aluminum foil "protector". And since our energy is an extension of our own self, then it's as if a part of ourself has been protected by this aluminum foil enclosure placed around this Earthing device. And since we are a hologram in which every part of ourself is a spittin' image of our entire self, then wrapping this device with an aluminum foil wrapping is as good as if we had wrapped our self with the same covering!

The best way to test this device against any claim of placebo, or wishful thinking, effect is to not follow my advice against using the house wiring grounding port on our wall outlets as your choice for plugging into the Earth instead of using a separate line run out through a window, or door, to your own grounding rod plugged into the Earth outside your home, office, or building. And this presupposes that you've first checked your house wiring to see that it is up to par with basic building code standards using an outlet checker that you can get at any hardware store for less than ten dollars. The caveat to these outlet checkers is that they can't test for every error in the house wiring, even potentially dangerous errors resulting from faulty wiring. Only an electrician can check for that.

Iron may also serve a similar capacity in Tesla's Tri-Metal Generator: as a sink not unlike the sink for excess electrons used by EV Gray in his advanced electric motor design based on Tesla principles.

More than this simple explanation are improvements and additional background theory listed in the following pages...

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