Apparatus for the Utilization of Radiant Energy,
by Nikola Tesla – patent # 685,957 – 5 Nov. 1901.

Proposed Modification to Tesla's Radiant Energy patent...

The ground connection must not pass through the house wiring. It must be an independent line leading outside the house, or building, to its own grounding rod or nail hammered into a living tree (serving as a grounded plant rod ;-). This is to discourage the AC hum from bleeding into this device and become magnified by the transformer.

Besides incorporating a zig-zag winding on the transformer's iron core, it may be possible to further reduce AC hum by using a High-Frequency ElectroMagnetic Pollution Remover elsewhere within your house wiring at multiple points (the more, the better reduction of AC hum).

Detail of the image, above...

If you don't believe my admonition to avoid the grounding port on a wall outlet as your grounding connection of choice whenever installing these tank circuits inline with your Earthing appliances, then go ahead and do as you please. See if you get a headache!

The zig-zag winding on the transformer helps to suppress the AC hum so that I don't feel any vibration inside of my body, but does not suppress the possibility of a headache.

About the only way to know that the most current design is working is to plug it into the grounding port of a wall outlet and wait and see how many seconds does it take to get a headache. The best part of it is knowing that I can't tell when it's working; only when it's not working from a wall outlet will I know how proficient a design this is. And that's the way I wanted it; non-descript unless something is off-kilter.

A Better Idea...

Thinking it over, and doing a few experiments, I've decided that a capacitor is not needed. What is needed is an iron core, toroidal coil wound with copper wire: two toroidal coil-forms; sandwiched together, but connected in parallel; one toroid wound clockwise, the other wound counter-clockwise; with a double center tap; one tap going to 'Earth ground' (not the grounding port on the electrical wall outlet!); the other tap going to the Earthing appliance, such as an Earthing bedsheet.

Sandwiched together, one laying on top of the other, is the best configuration.

Spread out apart may look nice and neat, but is not as good
as sandwiching the two coils together - one on top of the other.

I think heavy guage, insulated wire (thick) - as opposed to thin - is the wire to use for coiling the soft iron cores. Use thin bare copper wire for winding around the quartz crystal.

A Distinct Improvement!...

While studying the Earth Captor of Barbosa and Leal, I discovered that pointing two diodes inwardly towards an electromagnet produced immunity from negativity in the environment. This negativity could be merely electrosmog, but it might also be something else of unknown origin. If I mistakenly pointed either of these diodes outwardly, then the sensation was that of my body's life force being drained.

Borrowing another circuit idea from my other website using an Earthing pillow case for the head connection, an Earthing pad for the feet connection...

...and grounded to the Earth at least 10 feet away from the building's meter/mains with a grounding rod, it may be possible to get the advantages of both circuits at the same time! The voltage divider circuit, depicted above and below, utilizes the principle of Blood Electrification which is capable of weakening any and all pathogens, including HIV retrovirus, while the body's immune system can then attack the pathogen in its weakened state and eliminate it within five months of continuous use of this bionic circuit.

To cite a recent example...
I had a sprained ankle which failed to completely heal. It just lingered on, and on, in a state of swollen pain for weeks. But the moment I relaxed in a voltage divider circuit involving a double 'AA' battery, and two resitors of: 10 mega ohms and 100 kilo ohms, the pain was gone by the next day after sleeping the prior night hooked up to it. I could even put weight on that ankle without any pain! Voila! Immediate 80% cure from a circuit which produces 100-200 micro volts and 100-200 nano amps. What a deal! {Bet your doctor never told you this!}

HINT – I use floor flanges from the hardware store rather than spend big bucks procuring transformer cores.

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