Take a round piece of magnetizable iron that has a hole in its middle, and wrap some wire around it. Examples would be: a metal pipe or a floor flange. Connect one end to yourself and connect the other end to the Earth. This is essentially the construction and application of this Earthing device.

Test the iron's ability to absorb a magnetic field by bringing a magnet close to its surface. Does the magnet want to stick to the iron with a lot of force?

How does this Earthing device work?

The iron will absorb the magnetic component of the electromagnetic field generated by the coil of wire wrapped around the piece of iron. The coil is powered by the microvoltage surges generated by the body and the Earth attempting to equalize their voltage differences.

Over the duration of our sessions spent during relaxation and sleep while attached to this device, the body and the Earth will absorb all sorts of electrical energies coming from numerous sources.

The body acts like an antenna while it absorbs EMF pollution generated by the wiring embedded in the walls of our home and workplace. And the Earth is used as more than a mere dump of garbage in its landfills. The Earth also gets electrical energy dumped into it by all of our grounded circuits. This absorption by the Earth does not contribute power to any appreciable degree, but it does contribute signals which are added to all of the other natural signals of the Earth.

The subconscious mind chatters with such cacophonic aplomb that a lot of mental energy gets wasted in the form of lack of focus. Not only does this affect our ability to be one-pointed during activity, but this also impairs our ability to focus during sleep. The result is strain during activity and lack of recuperation during both sleep and relaxation.

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