Tesla's Tri-Metal Generator – Electrostatics may
Result from Aluminum Reflecting Electromagnetism.

Electrostatics may also Result from Sufficient Spin of a Metallic Disk. Hence,
the inclusion of an Aluminum Disk within an Electromechanical Watt-Hour Meter.

Perfect natural resistance is the complete reflection of both fields: electric and magnetic, resulting in electrostatics.

Iron passively resists current (an electric field), so what's left remaining is a passively generatable magnetic field. {For example - The passive extension of a magnet's magnetic field all along the length of an iron wire extending away from its proximity to that magnet.}

Copper passively resists a magnetic field, so what's left remaining is an electric field and the flow of current. Copper is favorable for winding electromagnets only because we resist/cut the copper wire's electric field on itself by winding a coil shape, thus favoring the production of electro-magnetism from the flow of current passing through a copper wire. Thus do we rate copper's conductivity on its ability to conduct an electric field.

The equivalent analogy to iron is iron's conductivity to conduct a magnetic field through itself.

So, iron passively (or, naturally/essentially) extends magnetic fields by offering resistance to any electric field which it generates within itself.

Again, copper naturally extends electric fields by resisting magnetic fields.

And aluminum extends nothing by resisting both types of fields making aluminum a perfect reflector. {For example - the insulated lining of a parabolic dish antenna with aluminum.}

It's a question of subtraction. Iron subtracts a little bit of the electric field occuring within itself making it a partial reflector of electric fields. What's left remaining is a preponderance of magnetism. Copper subtracts a little bit of the magnetic field occuring within itself making it a partial reflector of magnetic fields. What's left remaining is a preponderance of current. Aluminum partially subtracts in equal amounts - by way of reflection - both electric and magnetic fields occuring within itself leaving a diminishment of both within itself.

Once electromagnetism is sufficiently reduced, electrostatics becomes more apparent. In other words, electrostatics is not evident where ever electromagnetics predominates.

The spinning aluminum disk of an electromechanical watt-hour meter is spinning due to electrostatics - not due to electromagnetics as is often claimed by "professionals". The perforations on the aluminum disk attract electrostatic charges to adhere to the sharp edges of perforation.

Electrostatic acceleration of the aluminum disk on a watt-hour meter is "braked" from a theoretical limit of infinite acceleration due to an electromagnetic counter-action applied to the disk via a permanent magnetic placed in close proximity to the outer periphery of that disk. This shows how electromagnetism can suppress electrostatics.

Electrostatics can only excel in a domain free of electromagnetic domination.



Post script - Since iron adds horsepower to Tesla's Special Generator on the order of one horsepower per 200 pounds of iron (as quoted from, Pentagon Aliens by William Lyne), then all instances of copper and aluminum should be kept to a minimum in his device and used only where necessary favoring iron instead where ever possible.

It appears that aluminum may make a good capacitor plate. And this includes aerials since they both function similarly. An aerial is a one-sided capacitor.

And glass, as the dielectrical material within a tank circuit's capacitor, may be the uncredited fourth material substance of Tesla's Special Tri-Metal Generator.

Copper's use may be restricted to the wire used for winding the transformer core.

The correspondence of the three gunas of Prakriti (Creation) to the three metals of this Special Generator plus their correspondence to Mr. Dort's description of these material substances as quoted in William Lyne's book, "Pentagon Aliens" are:

  1. Aluminum = Rajas (Guna) = Reflector / Inverter / Divider = Dielectric
  2. Copper = Sattwa (Guna) = Active = Current/Amperage/Electric
  3. Iron = Tamas (Guna) = Magnetic

Quartz may be transcendentally neutral to the three gunas since it stands as a silent, non-involved witness to their integration.

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