The toroidal format is simply a coil of wire (preferably insulated copper wire) wound around a magnetizable, non-magnetic, soft iron core (high carbon content and preferably a toroidal - doughnut/bagel - shaped core). A piezoelectric crystal of quartz is placed in the center of this core and wrapped with bare copper wire.

The two ends of this copper wired crystal are then connected in parallel to the two copper windings surrounding the core/s. So, there are three components to this device: two coils wound around either one or two toroidal iron cores, plus one quartz crystal; all three components are connected in parallel with each other. One side of this three-way connection goes to ground (preferably not the grounding port on the electric wall outlet, but an independent line going to a grounding rod outside your building). The other side of this three-way connection goes to your Earthing appliance/s. The entire device is wrapped in saran wrap followed by an outer layer of aluminum foil in such a way that the aluminum foil does not make any contact with any bare copper leads, nor with the bare copper wire. The crystals may be of any shape, but uncut double-terminated would be best. They may be of any variety of quartz: rose, smokey, amethyst, etc.; this choice is up to you.

The toroidal core upon which is wound the copper, or other, wire can be tested using a refrigerator magnet - the stronger the attraction the refrigerator magnet has for the piece of iron that we have selected to wind our coil around, the stronger will be its magnetizability under the influence of a micro-electric field generated by the Earth's and our body's bioenergy passing through that coil of wire. Admittedly, this electric field can't amount to much since it is inserted in the middle of a straight line connection between the body and the Earth. But, an aluminum foil wrapped, coil of wire, wound around magnetizable iron does amount to something since it still retains all of the qualities of a normal circuit on a much more subtle scale: a scale of mind and style of physiological functioning.

The coil needs to be two: one wound clockwise and the other wound counter-clockwise. Whether these two coils are both wound on one-half each of the same toroidal core, or whether they are separately wound on two different cores, I'll leave to you. But if you choose to use two cores to wind two separate coils onto each, then sandwich the finished windings together one on top of the other after they've been separately wound and before they're both wrapped in an enclosure of aluminum foil.

In any event, these two coils are linked together in such a way as to create a loop between them. Please review the following diagrams: here, here, here and here.

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