An Earthing Life! is a Life Grounded to the Earth,
Either Through our Two Feet, or Through an Earthing
Appliance — such as: a Bedsheet — and Enhanced with
Assistance from the Simple Technology Described Below...

Earthing Life! is firstly: a grounded physiology; and second, is a device inserted between the ground and the body. This device amplifies beneficial qualities of Earthing, such as: deeper, more refreshing rest, and temporary relief from any emotional state that could ruin our appreciation for the activity which we pursue outside of relaxation and sleep, namely: fear, anger, etc. Consequently, it is a good idea to set up this Earthing device at each and every Earthing appliance in our home or car, be it: our bedsheet (primary consideration), computer workstation or carseat (a secondary consideration), and lastly our place for relaxation (the living room couch, or easy chair, or a patio deck chair situated outside, etc).

Sleeping on an Earthing bedsheet or bedpad or other connection method with this Earthing Life! device placed inline between yourself and the ground is the only way to notice any appreciable benefit. Using it outside the confines of sleep only serves to remind us, in a mild way, of what we more powerfully accumulated during sleep. You'll probably not get any appreciable benefit if you avoid using this device during sleep, or naps.

The main purpose of this device is to boost the Earthing experience by gradually deprogramming any subconscious self-protective measures we may have put there by our conscious mind. But this will only occur if this device is used during sleep. So, this device has less to do with physics and more to do with biofeedback and auto-suggestion while using a little electrical theory in its construction and just about any Earthing appliance as its interface with our physical self.

These self-protective measures result from conscious decisions usually made out of fear and loss of trust in Life and what the unexpected opportunities of Life has to offer us. These decisions deny us the benefit gained from a fully open and trusting attitude to an All Encompassing Life. These subconscious blockades against just about anything and anyone are well-intentioned by the individual who had been "burnt" too many times by lots of painful experiences, or just a few severe ones, to ever want to trust anyone or anything with a blanket trust anymore.

Do you know anyone who says that it takes them a long time to 'get it' regarding Earthing? Or, who never 'got it'? These subconscious blocks against outside assistance, or blocks against transcending and subsequent release of stress, were studied at length by Leon Ernest Eeman over 90 years ago. He studied them because he discovered that some people don't let good things happen to them. These subconscious blockades can be removed. I built and tested an enhancement to Mr. Eeman's biocircuit which satisfied my curiosity that any and all attempts at the subconscious mind to block samadhi from occurring can be deprogrammed out of the subconscious mind without fail. No one else had ever come up with that specific method before to accomplish this task. I accomplished this by successfully joining together two technologies: Eric Dollard's analog computer in longitudinal magneto-dielectric (LMD) mode and Mr. Eeman's biocircuit. It's only two caveats were that: 1) it was inconvenient, and 2) way too powerful for me to withstand the rigors of such complete and total reprogramming of my subconscious mind out of a mindset of "the world is to be feared" to a mindset of total and complete surrender to bliss and the prospect of transcending at any time in or out of meditation if I blanketly trust that it will always be for my eventual good if I let it happen. So, I stopped using it shortly after I had first discovered it.

Then, along comes William Lyne's book, "Pentagon Aliens" and "Occult Ether Physics" which opened up my awareness to the true origins of most all UFOs and a little known 'Special' generator of Tesla which we know so little about and I had never heard of until now.

So, I set myself the task of investigating this 'tri-metal' generator - composed of aluminum, copper and iron - which stood behind these tales of fantastic claims of output. I met up with frustration which stalled my study. So, I elected to turn what little I had learned into an experiment upon myself taking what I had learned about Mr. Eeman's biocircuit and also magnets and apply it to the Earthing setup.

It has paid off. This device deprograms the subconscious mind - not as powerfully as did the enhancements I had installed into the biocircuit, but - far more conveniently. On top of which, biocircuits are rarely accessible to anyone nor in their awareness. But Earthing enthusiasts are already gaining lots of ground in the public's mind (pun intended) which makes it far easier for me to share with others this concept of naturally encouraging a bio-engineering of a deprogrammed sub-conscious mind while it's most vulnerable to the auto-suggestive influence of this device - during sleep - should anyone elect to use this device as an adjunct along with any Earthing product.

Without the use of a quartz crystal oscillator connected in parallel with this device, it may still be possible to conscientiously, or sub-consciously, thwart any good which may come from using this device by objecting to its use during each and every episode of sleep - be it: a daytime nap, or our nightly rest - for only during sleep will this device be of any merit.

Be sure and avoid the use of the grounding port on the wall outlet unless you love coffee and its effects so much so that you can never get enough stimulation from it! Then by all means, please use the grounding port on the wall outlet and enjoy an artificially induced AC boost from the power company at no extra charge. This device will amplify the AC boost which bleeds into the ground wire from the live house wiring. You may not notice anything right away since the effect this device has on the nervous system is accumulatively noticeable rather then immediately noticeable.

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