Returning to my rainmaking story of the first week of March, 2013...

Within the course of the next six days, clarification of the air continued to expand across the entire horizon until by the sixth day a rain front had developed all across the Pacific coast from Washington state south to southern California. But in the present experiment involving a galvanized pipe, I managed to pickup the wind (and down a power line blackening out just my neighborhood) and powerfully effect my wakefullness such that I couldn't sleep more than two hours and was clearly and effortlessly awake for the remainder of the night until I fell asleep just before dawn indicating to me that I had possibly wired this apparatus backwards. I had linked the top CW end to my Earthing bedpad and the bottom CCW end to the grounding rod outside. I think that this is backwards, because I always wired my rainmaking tube from my earlier biocircuit experiments with the open end facing up labeled the negative terminal and the closed mirrored end at the bottom labeled the positive end. This labeling I then used to help guide me to connect the rainmaking tube (also known as orgone decongestion tube) to Leon Ernest Eeman's biocircuit to conform to a relaxation circuit, namely: opposite terminals are connected together and similar terminal connections are avoided. So, positive goes to negative and negative goes to positive.

In the case of the rainmaking tube, any two connection points in a biocircuit will suffice; I chose to connect the open top end labeled the negative terminal to my positive terminal throat and connect the mirrored closed end at the bottom labeled the positive terminal to my tail bone labeled as the negative terminal. So, I have imagined this rainmaking tube to be the equivalent of myself, or another person, standing on their head with their butt sticking straight up. The butt end is the analog to the tube's open negative end and the head of a person's body is analogous to the mirrored closed end at the bottom of the tube. Only through a relaxation biocircuit style of connection will pleasant, safe, and powerful results be achieved because it is only through the quieting of both mind and nervous system in which "powers" are achieved. The biocircuit adds an element of safety in which balance is the key ingredient in all of this which is very important lest mental and physical imbalancing results (Oops! - I'm off to the funny farm!).

But in this case involving the galvanized pipe, there are two open ends at either end of the pipe and one closed end in its middle (where the quartz sits) if I use the definition carried over from the rainmaking tube. Obviously, that won't work, because it's ambiguous whether either end is distinct from the other.

So, put more accurately...
Inductance is the ability to store amperage in the form of magnetism. This is not to be confused with capacitance which is the ability to store voltage in the form of dielectricity. {Dielectricity is also known as electrostatic charge carriers.}

This pipe-shaped device possesses a greater inductance than that of the Earth, because the Earth has more silica and this device has lots more iron. Consequently, even though this device does not possess greater voltage than that of the Earth, nor does this device encourage greater voltage in the body attached through this device to the Earth, nonetheless, this device could be labeled north+ at its CCW end and south+ at its CW end due to its ability to store a greater value of inductance than that of the Earth. You may ask: what's the point? Time, or speed, of transfer. How fast will the Earth respond to store our excess voltage using a hunk of iron wrapped with the very same copper wire that we've already been using to ground ourselves with? Answer...Much faster. Iron is much faster at inductively storing voltage in the form of a magnetic field than is silica. And more efficient, too.

Think of the iron oxide rich volcanic soil of Hawaii. The plant life there is not merely healthy on account of the warm, rain drenched weather. It's also verdant because of the abundant iron oxides contained in their soils. It is well known that a magnetic field can improve plant growth and immunity to disease. So, I'll venture a guess that the use of this technology to boost our Earthing experience - especially during sleep - could boost not only our health, but also our recovery from disease or illness and boost our growth during childhood. Don't we want our children to look down on us? And not because of any shrinkage on our part?

Up until now, those of us who like to consider ourselves Earthing Enthusiasts have focused almost entirely on voltage differences between ourselves and the Earth ignoring inductance. This is our collective blindness. Time to learn a new electronic's term.

Speed is everything, because we're constantly emitting the voltage which we pick up from EMF pollution which surrounds us all the time except whenever the power in our neighborhood blacks out. I went through such an outage last night (18 Jan. 2015) and I must confess: my meditation was a whole lot more stable and clearer than normal with the power outage. And I wasn't even grounded!

Our Body's Excess Voltage is Discarded by Connecting to the Earth's Lower Potential than is our Self.
Resonance is Achieved via a Quartz Crystal Connected in Parallel with our Connection to the Earth.
Signal Balancing is Achieved via Zig-Zag Winding Along the Length of the Pipe: ½ CW & ½ CCW.
Environmental Harmony is Achieved via our Entrainment to, and Empathy with, the Earth's Inertial Frame of
Reference Induced by an Iron Pipe Wound with Copper Wire: Counter-Clockwise (CCW) Pointing Upwards and
Clockwise (CW) Pointing Downwards for the Northern Hemisphere (the Reverse for the Southern Hemisphere), plus
the Coriolis Effect Traveling Downwards through the Pipe's Core due to a Vacuum of Inductance as Long as there's
Enough Iron in the Pipe to Absorb Whatever Magnetism We Could Possibly Absorb from our EMF Polluted Environment.

Please download the latest schematics dated the 6th of February 2015 which are
not the same as the slideshow depicted above which is dated the 23rd of January 2015.

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